Quotes About Fighting For Love

"Loving you is like trying to touch a star, I know I can never reach you, but I can't help but try."

"New love is so beautiful, time just makes it ugly."

"I love him but he dosen't see that we can be!!!"

~ Allison Brookshire

"Love is a serious mental disease."

"Every night I thank God for giving me you."

"There are no hard feelings...No one to blame, Just two people, who don't feel the same."

"You know it's so complicated, first you love then you hate it. Someone's laughing, someone's crying, someone living, someone's dying. Somebody always looses and we still play the game."

"He taught me how to love, but not how to stop."

"Smart women love smart men more than smart men love smart women."

"Love is complicated. Love is passionate. Love is crazy. Love is thinking of someone and your heart begins to race and your palms get sweaty."