Lessons In Life Love Quotes

"Believe me, we love women. But it's like when guys get together to watch a football game, they have all that in common so there's that sense of excitement. After a long week, you can come and work on your project have a couple of beers and hang out."

~ Josh Bennett

"Her parents were fairly conservative and I don't think she was extremely explicit about love affairs or sexual affairs,"

~ Morgan Hallett

"We saw Elvis, and he was so happy to see us. And he loved the whole idea that we were going to run away. We were going to steal him. But it never happened... He went into a room... I'm sure there are a lot of drugs taken, and it turned into an hour and a half, and he came out and said... that was that. And I knew that he was gone. He was out of reach to us and made me very sad."

~ Connie Stevens

"I believe that love cannot be bought except with love"

"Some people fall in love with their co-stars and feel things that they never thought they would feel for them because they are touching."

~ Catherine Deneuve

"I love being blown away by something bigger than myself, like a ship on a stormy sea, and Peter Grimes does that."

~ Lesley Garrett

"But when they needed love or help or had a problem of any kind, they could always go to Roselle because she was always there for them. That was not always the case with me."

~ Perry Como

"This is a labor of love,"

~ Charlotte Moore

"It's got to be physically and mentally tiresome for him. I love the death out of Ricky Williams. It's an unfortunate series of events that this happened, so I just support him as much as I can. ... Nobody really asks him questions about what's going on. We still treat him like he's one of the guys."

~ David Bowens

"Where mercy, love, and pity dwell, there God is dwelling too."