I Love My Son Quotes

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“I love it. I think this proves the more I get my teammates involved, the better we do as a team.”
~ David Lighty
“It was an unexpected love story between the two.”
~ Marleah Stout
“We would love to be able to help the high-school kids out and make a nice donation for down there,”
~ Dave Berry
“It was my first synthesizer and left a strong impression on me. I loved the sound. It made sense to pay homage.”
~ Hiro Hayashi
“born to be loved and to love who when not loving are not living”
~ John Galsworthy
“People would say I really loved Buck Rogers until the Hawk guy came on.”
~ Gil Gerard
“I love biomedical science, I love astronomy, and you can’t really do much with those in a fantasy setting.”
~ Elizabeth Moon
“What he does is just make great decisions. He’s dedicated and he just loves to play the game.”
~ Art Tragesser
“Because I love you, I will be checking up on you, … You have honored me and I thank all of you.”
~ Kirk Douglas
“Where mercy, love, and pity dwell, there God is dwelling too.”
“Wherever you are – know I really love you. Wherever you’ve been –know I’ve been there too. Whatever you’re doing when you need a friend call me, I’ll be there just to listen to you.”
“I thought we were a real love relationship. I did. I was very invested in love, but it was just this long long sex thing that could end at any moment because after all, it’s just about getting off. Almost all the time, you tell yourself you’re loving somebody when you’re just using them. This only looks like love.”
“It’s fantastic, she’s so cute, … And David and I have talked about what roles to take so that one of us is always with her. It’s great to be breastfeeding at the moment because I can take her anywhere. She’s very portable – and very portly. She loves her grub – like her mum!”
~ Anna Friel
“Three years at the buzzer, they all did a great job. That Needham team, oh my God, they are awesome. I love watching them play, I really do. It’s a shame that one of us had to lose.”
~ Stacy Bilodeau
“Absolutely, I would love to get into that,”
~ John Maginnes
“He was just a normal young boy. He loved football.”
~ Martin Thompson
“Love must have wings to fly away from love, and to fly back again.”
~ Edwin A Robinson
“Love him or hate him, he’s no fool. He’s realized he may have lost his leadership post, but with the trial he faces losing much more than that. He may not be as focused on keeping his House seat as he has been.”
~ Bob Stein
“We came down here – we wanted to win, like always. We love playing in these games. The rivalry is great.”
~ Kelly Gray
“Write the kind of movie you would want to see, in a genre you love.”
~ Douglas Wood
“Love is a peculiar thing.”
~ Georg Buchner
“Really. I’d love to be spoiled on by others.”
~ Izabella Scorupco
“A cat does not want all the world to love her — only those she has chosen to love.”
~ Helen Thomson
“If they want me I’d love to come back. I’m not going to play because I can, I’m going to play because I deserve it.”
~ Greg Maddux
“I loved the idea of the Nerd as Hero, which Ghost World also had.”
~ Illeana Douglas
“Love conquers everything even karma”
~ Mettrie L
“She didn’t buy it as in investment. She just really loved his music and is starting her collection.”
~ Doug Norwine
“My father taught me to work. he did not teach me to love it.”
~ William Adams (explorer)
“He’s improving. He has a lot of pedigree and talent and he loves going long. I think his potential is unlimited.”
~ John Shirreffs
“We loved what you did, you had very memorable pieces, we thought you did a really great job, and we believe you are the next great American designer.”
~ Heidi Klum