Coco J. Ginger Quotes

“Your psychotic behavior and constant temper tantrums intrigue me.”
“Easy, breezy.”
“This is the power of my heart. This is what I call sihr halal.”
“I’ll dream up a world where you never existed. A world you could never live in. I’ll live there without you.”
“You cannot mistake thisYou cannot reinvent this moment You cannot call this loveIt is so much more”
“And I don’t even like you, but the pain of life without you is biting.”
“I want your most vital organ. I want it to be mine.”
“No heartbreak has grieved me as much to discover, the calorie content of my peanut butter.”
“There’s nothing worse than writing. There’s nothing better than writing. It’s like the man you hate to love, love to hate and never really come to terms with any of the feelings.”
“My insides turn outward in acknowledgement of your absence. My heart slips out of my chest and down into my gut.”
“Poor Mr. Zum now he was un-fun and had no funs left who wanted to entertain him. What a qerbackle, what an un-fun pickle to be in.”
“What is love, if not the abandonment of all sanity, all dignity?”
“I can’t talk to you anymore.I can’t talk to youwith wordswith thoughtswith silence.I can’t talk to you anymore(she won’t talk to you anymore).”
“So what”, she thought…..body half thrown over the glass edge of her sun and glory filled balcony. “So what”, a phrase she had habited to repeat steadily after every self-collapsing thought, concerning other humans and their egotistical opinions.”
“If I had no imagination, I would hate you. But I don’t want to be part of your reality.”
“He offered her power, money, status…a giant prison, all in exchange for only…her soul.”
“…but fame didn’t suit you, you compromised, a renegade rebel, you gave me your eyes.”
“I hope you stand there for me, even though I won’t be listening, I hope you speak like I am hearing, that’s the man you are to me, that’s the only man I want to keep here inside of me. That’s the man you can be, and that’s the man I will take with me.”
“I want to read, write, and nothing else. I do not want to get married, I do not want to go to church, I do not want to file taxes; I do not want to eat. But Grandma disagrees, and Grandma always wins.”
“Life is wonderful when you’re the one to write it.”
“I wore your promise on my finger for one yearI’ll wear your name on my heart til I dieBecause you were my boy, you were my only boy forever.”
“You don’t deserve my image in your head. You don’t deserve my memories in your chest.”
“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Hate me because I’m a domestic GODDESS and beautiful.”
“She stopped caring…and started laughing.”
“I pretended to be an open book, but I was closed off and conceited.”
“He’s just not that into you if he is a sociopath.”
“What I knew, adored, and fell for was a fantasy. He did not exist in human terms.”
“I won’t let you have it. I won’t give you this moment. I won’t let you fill up this valuable organ…I own it. I won’t do it. I can’t think, I won’t think about it.”
“Just friends? Alright friend we won’t kiss goodnight, and I won’t hold you tight and wish that you were mine just for one night. I will separate my dreams from my eyes, separate my heart from my spine, keep clean the lines between my hands and your innards.”
“Rewriting the world one heart at a time.”