Page 3 of Man Quotes

"When a man is penalized for honesty he learns to lie."

"Men feel that women somehow drag them down, and women feel that way about men. It's possible that both are right."

"I harbor ill feelings toward a society, and a clergy, that allows marriage partners to split over the smallest incompatibility, where divorce comes in a multitude of flavors, like Baskin Robbins ice cream, where men and women can blame one another and everything except themselves for matrimony's mess. They look for externals over which they have no control and, fingering them, take no responsibility."

"DESTINY (Determined Effort So Tanacious It Negates Yuck)"

"Maybe it's like Mac says. Ever man winds up with the horse that suits him."

"I will never deny that life isn't fair. It seems as though when a woman leaves a man she is strong and independent, but when a man leaves a woman he is a pig and a jerk."

"Real Men will always have time for their Women."

"I also was persuaded that the woman most in need of liberation was the woman in every man just as the man most in need of liberation was the man in every woman."

"He's definitely one of those men you love before you get to know."

"If "Frailty, thy name is woman", Frailty must be a man named as 'woman"